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Terminal 21 Shopping Mall is a newly opened mall in Bangkok. It only opened last year on October 2011. It is accessible by BTS sky train and the Metro. There’s an actual foot bridge that directly connects it to the Asok Station. It is also accessible by Metro through the Sukhumvit Station. There are different floor concept on each floor which usually represents a city. We were really hungry so we took the elevator to the 5th Floor for the San Fancisco Pier 21 theme.

The Golden Gate bridge replica is pretty cool. I think this was our favorite Mall food court since it is very affordable for its ambiance and food quality. We saw food that was as cheap as 30 baht. Like most food court in Bangkok, they have this system where you get a card and put money in it and they just scan it on the food stalls and give you a receipt. You can get any left over money you have afterwards.

I got the half Hainanese chicken and Half fried chicken over chicken rice.

My cousin got a spicy noodle dish.

This is the ambiance. It was packed and I understand why. It was really nice and super clean. I know it’s new and I hope they get to keep it like this for a while.

This mall is actually well known for its bathroom with different themes on different levels. Even the attendants have different costumes. So, before we leave the San Francisco floor, let me show you the restroom.

This is the winner – a really high-tech toilet. First time I’ve ever used one. There’s a button for washing and even drying. It even has a seat heater.

After lunch, it’s time to explore this place. :)

We went on the 2nd Floor which is represented by London. It’s mostly men’s wear. They had really nice designs for shirts but it was a little pricey for my cousins’ budget. It’s like an upscale version of Platinum Mall without the wholesale craze. :)

We moved on to the 1st Floor – Tokyo which you can’t miss with this humongous cat.

It is the Ladies wear section. I came home empty handed.

I checked out the restroom on this level. It was a little bit disappointing probably because I expected too much.

After that, we went on the Lower Ground floor which had a Carribean theme to check out the grocery store. We bought a few of Bread Papa’s cream puffs. Here’s the restroom on that floor.

The airport theme is made more obvious with these signs on the escalators. It’s really cute.

They also had free wifi access for an hour which you have to sign up for with your passport on the Customer Service counter. I thought it was a really nice mall with the different themes being well incorporated. I love their toilets. We also absolutely loved the Pier 21 food court.