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Chatuchak market is the largest market in Thailand. It is only opened on weekends from 6am to 6pm. It is accessible by BTS sky train on Mo Chit station and about 5 minutes walk from there and also the MRT station Chatuchak Park. We got a taxi from our hotel though since it would be cheaper because there are 5 people in our group. We went there at around 9am and some of the shops are not even open. It has several sections. I would recommend to get what you want when you see it since in our case, we didn’t have the time or energy to go back to the stall we’ve been to.

It is a huge market with stalls left and right. You are encouraged to bargain especially if you’re buying more. Always ask for the wholesale price if you’re buying 3 or more pieces. They have everything from plants, flowers, garments, accessories, adorable pets. Look at this 8XL shirt.

A 20XL shirt for 1500 Baht or $50. :P

There are plenty of food stalls scattered around the whole market just in case you get hungry or thirsty.

I got a refreshing drink from this stall. I got what looked like a Coco juice drink. :)

I got a couple of shirts from this market, not the very fashionable kind. Just basic cute shirts. I also got a watch made from coconut beads and a couple of head accessories. I didn’t get much but it was fun to check it out and go around the area. We would have taken home a puppy if we could. Outside the Chatuchak market, there are still stalls around the area and the street where you go to the BTS or the MRT.