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CentralWorld in Bangkok is huge shopping mall complex. It has a huge selection of shops. It even has an ice skating rink. It is located on Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan Bangkok just across the Big C Supercenter, at the back of Platinum Mall and next to Siam Paragon. Yes, it’s huge. There are two BTS stops close by which are: Chit Lom and Siam Stations. There’s a walkway that is connected to it.

It was just a couple of blocks away from our hotel so we decided to check it out when we were looking for a place to eat. We were particularly interested with the Central Food Hall.

We thought it was going to be a food court but we were wrong. It just looked like a really upscale grocery store that sold cheese, wine, organic meat and exotic fruits. They had a crowd around this tore called Made in Candy where “candy chefs” were twirling and twisting candies. It was pretty cool.

We saw that the cinema was just one floor up so we checked it out too.

 So we didn’t end up having dinner at CentralWorld but we saw these stalls on our way there, lined up on the side streets before you go into Central World on the Trimurti Shrine (I did offer roses and prayers here about a year ago for true love and only on Thursday nights but it hasn’t come yet so far. Haha. Maybe it only works for Thais) coming from Platinum Mall. We sat on the one of the available tables and was offered a menu in English.

I still can’t believe we were charged 300 baht for that amount of squid on a sidewalk eatery. We actually didn’t order it. We ordered another squid dish but we thought it was that so we took it from the waiter and he didn’t say anything. It was pretty good but too expensive.

The snakehead fish was really, really good. It was covered in salt and then grilled. It was soft and moist on the inside and I was expecting the skin to be salty but it wasn’t. I think it was about 120 baht for that whole fish. It was delicious.

We also got a beef dish. It was a pretty good meal except for the budget buster squid. They were charging us 300 for it but we bargained it down to 250. So lesson learned, make sure you ask what you’re getting especially because of the language barrier. The squid wasn’t even on the menu so I wonder how he priced it. Anyway, we didn’t go back there for any of the nights we spent in Bangkok.