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This is the first time that I’ve flown into Siem Reap, Cambodia. Their airport is small but sufficient. You have to walk down the plane and into the building. We arrived at night.

I noticed the French influence right away.. :)

Upon entering the building, there were restrooms on the side. Then you go through immigration where they check your passport, get your pictures and prints much like the Bangkok airport. After that is the baggage area. Their airport was small but I was impressed with the design and efficiency.

Then you pass by a health scanner thing and Customs and they just let you through. There are booths after that for money exchange and other things then you exit the premises where a lot of the drivers wait.

The next day, we headed to the Angkor Wat complex. The ticket still costs $20 for a day pass. We took the small circuit route. It was raining a lot. We didn’t go early like we did before which was a good thing for me. I’m not friends with morning. It’s still really beautiful.

We saw a monkey and he was snatching food from this group of male tourists expertly. It was fun to watch.

I didn’t go through the Angkor Wat before since it looked like it was under construction. This is what it looks on the open hallway on the side.

This is what it looks like outside Angkor Wat looking out on the moat when it rains.

The crowd with their umbrellas.

We had lunch after at a nearby place suggested by the tuktuk drivers which was pretty good. It was better than the place we were at last time. I’m gonna have to write a different food porn post on that.

After lunch, we moved on to see the Five Entrance Gates and took some pictures.

We wouldn’t miss the Bayon Temple.

Then we walked towards the back and went to see the temple Baphuon which we weren’t allowed to go into since I was wearing shorts. Women are supposed to be dressed more conservatively like below the knee and shirts with sleeves. It probably was a good thing since we were getting tired from all the walking.

Then we went into the Royal Palace area and saw this temple called Phimeanakas. It’s really pretty with the red stones. It doesn’t look like anyone’s been there in a while. According to wikipedia, “legend says that the king spent the first watch of every night with a woman to represent a Naga in the tower, during that time, not even the queen was permitted the intrude. Only the second watch the king┬áreturned to his palace with the queen. If the naga who was the supreme land owner of Khmer land did not show up for a night, the king’s day would be numbered, if the king did not show up, calamity would strike his land”.

Then we moved on to the Terrace of the Leper King.

We also took a few pictures at the Terrace of the Elephants.

Then the tuktuk driver took us to Ta Phrom. Only 3 of us went forward because the other 2 were too tired to walk some more.

We don’t think we could make it to the sunset viewing anymore since everyone was spent. We requested to see the elephants as the last thing we wanted to do.

I think it would be fun to ride one of those but it was $20 a person so we just asked if we could take a picture next to one. They told us we could even feed them. So we bought a pineapple for a dollar and had it chopped into 5 parts so we could each get our turn. It was the best dollar I’ve ever spent so far.

The elephant was really gentle and the skin felt really weird. It was rough and really hard. It was probably the highlight of our trip to Angkor Wat Temple Complex. :D