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I tried this newly opened restaurant across the Gare Cornavin station. It’s called Holy Cow and it specializes in burgers. I’m not much of a burger person but I wanted to try it out anyway. There’s another branch in Rue de Carouge.

I ordered the Bacon Avocado Beef burger. I don’t know why, spur of the moment decision. It costs 19.90 CHF and it comes with a side of fries. They don’t serve sodas so your choices for drinks are water, iced tea, milk and something else. Here’s their menu. My burger was okay. Nothing really special to make me come back for more.

For one of my aunt’s birthday, she took us at a Chinese restaurant at Bel-Air. I got a rice dish with chicken and egg rolls. We also got a serving of Pad Thai.

Nutella and bread will never fail you..

My Mom and I ordered a pizza at Manora. You get to pick what kind of toppings you can have and fill this tiny plate with them so we filled it with salmon and shrimp. They give you this beeper thing so you can pick it up once it’s cooked. My Mom being the healthy nut that she is put a ton of arugula on top of it.

Another aunt who was celebrating a birthday cooked lunch at her apartment. We ate this cheese apperatif with various herbs on top.

She served beouf and of course, salad – beet salad.

I accidentally discovered this Twix in white chocolate at a Coop grocery store which were limited edition so I got a few packs before I went home. They were yummy. :)

Geneva used to have a Kentucky Fried Chicken but that went out of business so the closest thing they have to it now is a Chic Chicken restaurant. They serve good fried chicken with a bunch of rice and coleslaw on the side.

While shopping for things I could put in the box and food that I’ll take home, I passed by this section at Lidl. Too bad I don’t drink alcohol because the wine is so inexpensive.

They have a Laduree store in Geneva and I bought a box to take home. I should have opted for the hard box, what was I thinking? I took home crumbles of Macarons. :(

Here’s Part 2 and Part 3. :)