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I eat a lot in McDonalds when I was in Geneva since it’s cheap and accessible. Here’s a McCafe next to a McDonalds with their pastry spread in the morning.

My Mom and I ordered their special which was like a value meal and it comes with your choice of bread, a Tropicana orange juice which they put inside the glass and a cup of either coffee or hot chocolate. I got a croissant and my Mom got a pair of the harder breads which I forgot what they were called. We also get to choose what kind of spreads we want and I chose the framboise (raspberry) and they come in those little adorable jars.

Here’s a typical menu at McDonalds. A meal costs around 11.50 CHF and up from what I remember.

I tried their McFlurry Magnum which is a little bit too sweet for my taste.

Here’s another lunch selection at Manora. I got a panini and a fruit tart. Manora is an open restaurant where you can get what kind of food you want. There are some section that cooks them but I don’t speak enough French to order anything so I just get what’s already cooked that looks familiar and then pay at the counter. I at least know how to count or if all fails, I take a second look at the register.

Here’s a cute cake I saw on their pastry display – a Swiss flag cake. :)

This is one of my favorite patisserie in Geneva. It’s a Turkish store specializing in desserts called La Perle. My Mom tells me that it’s really popular specially when the rich gives out parties, they order from this store. They also have a corner section at the grocery of Manor.

We got a few ones like Baklavas in different forms, this small bite size pistache kind and this baklava with sort of pastry that looks like noodles around it.

There are a lot of choices for breads in Geneva and this is just from a convenient store at the train station.

I always get.. a donut and orange juice.

Here’s Part 1, and more food on Part 3. :)