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I got these photos from my instagram which are just random food pics I snapped when I was in Switzerland.

One of the unique drinks I got to try in Switzerland is called Orangina. I love the packaging in this really small bottle with small hollow curves on it. It feels like a real orange in your hands.

I got the Lindt Fleur de Sel Noir which means flower of salt. It is a dark chocolate which I don’t really like. The other one is the Lindt Pistache which is just the right amount of creaminess and sweetness I would expect from a milk chocolate with a pistache inside. It’s one of my favorite chocolates in Switzerland. I hoarded a few to take home. :)

Switzerland is well known for their chocolates. They have a whole section in their department stores just for chocolates alone. This is what it looks like at the ground floor of the Manor. It’s one of my favorite places to buy chocolate because of the selection.

Look at that big Toblerone! It’s about 4.5 kilos and cost about 99 CHF. If I had unlimited baggage allowance, I would have brought one home. :D

This is a healthy lunch. Tomatoes with canned tuna and Mozzarella cheese (which is really cheap there) with balsamic vinegar and also a can of Schweppes Dark Cola. :)

Sometimes, I’d eat out at lunch all by myself and I found this Japanese fast food place which is called Wasabi. They basically pre-make the food and they have them displayed on shelves. You just pick one and pay at the counter. Then eat upstairs where all the seats are for this particular branch at Bel Air. It’s a very good idea. They are quite popular too since I saw at least 4 branches scattered all over Geneva. I got fried fish over the rice with a bottle of coke for 10.80 CHF which wasn’t so bad.

This is my favorite strawberry tart at Manora. I always get this whenever it’s available. A slushie too for a really hot summer day.

There’s this Turkish Restaurant my Mom and I always go to at Plainpalais. Their chicken wrap thing is yummy and the serving is really big for around 10 CHF.

The meal comes with a free baklava too. They are so good. Just the right amount of honey in it. It’s just the right size for the sweetness.

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