Apparently, a lot of people in Geneva do their supermarket shopping in France once in a while since it’s cheaper. We took my aunt’s car and crossed the border in France. They say you can also take a bus. The one we went to is called Carrefour in this small French town. It looked like a Walmart. Do excuse my pictures since I only took pictures on instagram on my phone. Here’s an array of seafood.

A section with a special sign for Foire au Gras.

Various tomato produce..

It wouldn’t be France if there weren’t a huge selection of cheese, this is just some of it.

I got a couple of Marseilles soaps, a couple of snacks, a packet of cheese. I noticed that hotdogs, ham and bacon cubes are significantly cheaper here. This was the cheese flavored chips I got and they were good.

My aunt also bought me a box of donuts.

We passed by a few apple orchards on our way back to Switzerland.