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Montreux is a town located on Lake Geneve and it was the main destination we chose when we went on the boat since it was the farthest destination we could go to. It is only an hour away by train. Since we were only there for a limited time, we just decided to stay by the water and explored the area around.

Montreux is well know for its Jazz Festival and there’s also the Freddy Mercury statue along the shore. He is just the front man for that band called Queen. I’m sure you’ve heard of Bohemian Rhapsody. :)

Movenpick is a really popular ice cream brand in Switzerland. They have cafes everywhere especially in the summer.

Look at his really cute dog..

There’s this circular deck which was really cool to just hang around and take pictures of the views all around.

There were a lot of stalls along the area where they were selling a different number of things. One of my aunts bought a dress. There were plenty of food too. Towards the end, there was this 2 level mall where there’s a Mcdonalds and a huge Coop grocery store. Anyway, here’s a creperie near the boat station and a stall selling food and snacks.

I wish we had more time to explore the area. I heard that there’s a train that goes up the mountain. Anyway, our boat was coming and we didn’t want to be late since we’re catching the last boat to Geneve. I would say it was a good glimpse of the area. :)