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On one Saturday, we took a ferry from Geneve to Lausanne and then to Montreux. Thanks to a promotion from a bank, my aunt got us tickets and we only had to pay 5 CHF per person round trip instead of the normal 64 CHF for a second class ticket. It was a promotion for the Fete de Geneve celebration.

Here’s the boat/ferry that we went on. The company is called L’esprit du Leman. For more information, this is their website in english.

The boat left at 10:20 and it makes a stop on the places indicated below. You can leave the boat at any time. We decided to go to Montreux and we had to transfer to another boat in Lausanne which is the last stop of this one.

We got seats on the front of the boat. You can seat anywhere on the 1st level, the 2nd level is reserved for 1st class passengers only. There’s a small restaurant inside the boat. It was very comfortable but a really leisurely ride. Read: slow. :P

This is what the inside looks like..

After about two hours, we reach Lausanne and we rush to transfer to the boat going to Montreux because it leaves in a few minutes.

This time, we sat inside instead of the open area because it was raining a bit. These people didn’t mind though. That’s one of the boat officers checking boat tickets.

Here’s a lovely view..

One of the stops along the way..

The steps going up the 1st class deck. You definitely won’t be lost or think you’re on the wrong boat. :)

This is one of the dining areas that wasn’t really used..

We finally reach Montreux..

On our way back, we take another boat supposedly going to Lausanne. Now I’m not sure if we stopped at Lausanne, then took another boat to Yvoire, then to Geneve or if we just went strait to Yvoire and transferred from there. Haha. Anyway, this was our boat going back and we left Montreux at around 445 or 5pm.

This is Yvoire which is actually a French territory. You might need your passport here since they check it sometimes, I think. I heard that it’s really a quaint and pretty little French village. We could have gone but we didn’t want to miss our boat home and it was getting pretty late.

We passed by Nyon too..

We finally reach Geneve at around 10pm. You can’t really miss that huge fountain and it’s very pretty at night.

We spent most of our time on Lake Geneve just cruisin. It was such a long long ride though, about 4-5 hours going to Montreux by boat. The train is definitely faster but hey, it was free. I couldn’t really complain. I got to see a lot of pretty sights along the way. I just don’t think I would do this again though. If I get the chance to do it again, I would probably just go to Yvoire and spend the day there to explore the village. :)