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For our family trip this year, we decided to go on a Siem Reap and Bangkok trip, thanks to the Cebu Pacific promotion as well. I was looking for guesthouses in the area. I previously stayed at Two Dragons Hostel but this time, I wanted a guesthouse located closer to the Old Market/Pub Street area. I was also looking for a budget accommodation since we’ll be needing 2 rooms and luckily, Tanei Guesthouse fit the bill. It was also offering a 20% discount because it was off season.

Tanei Guesthouse was a little off the beaten track and it’s not as close to the area as I would like. I would have chosen a closer guesthouse but we were willing to give this guesthouse a chance. They had a free airport shuttle (two of them) that picked us up from the airport on time and transported us to the hostel. As courtesy, we decided to hire their services for the next day to tour the temple.

Upon check in at the reception area, there was a black out. Apparently this was normal. It came back up after 10 minutes. They showed us the bedroom that accommodated 3 people and the boys took over. It was probably the nicest room in the hostel. It had it’s own balcony and it’s on the corner on the second level. I wish I took pictures. Our room, on the other hand, was located on the 4th floor. We asked if we could be transferred to another room closer to my cousin’s room and since they were full that night, they were gonna transfer us the following day which is this one.

Our bed was really basic. We were supposed to get twin beds but we settled for this one since we just really wanted a bedroom on the lower floor. Here’s our old school TV and desk.

Here’s our bathroom which is on the right of the room. There’s a closet on the left which we didn’t even use.

Here’s the view from the other room’s veranda where we spent a lot of time hanging out. It overlooks another hotel. I love Siem Reap’s red dirt road.

They gave us coupons for breakfast for the number of days we were staying. There were several choices which usually is composed of eggs and bread. Rice is not on the menu.

I had pancakes and bananas with honey on our first day. Their fruit juice was really yummy.

We’ve also had eggs with ham and a baguette.

The hotel had a swimming pool which we didn’t use. It was one of the selling point for me and we didn’t get to take advantage of it because it was cold and we weren’t really informed about it and it seemed like it was closed off.

The hostel was value for money. The service was good and they try to keep the hostel really clean. They were renovating the older building next door but it didn’t really bother us. I really liked it. However, I probably would try a hostel that is on or closer to Pub Street/Old Market area.