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The Manor Hotel’s accommodation does not include any breakfast meal unlike most hotels. You have a couple of option, either order in with room service or try the buffet breakfast at Le Chef for 550 pesos a person. I have my friend Silver to thank for this treat.

The ambiance is really nice and it overlooks The Manor’s lovely garden. Now for the food.. My first plate, I got fried rice, lots of bacon, longganisa and I loved their pork.

They also have a separate egg station where they cook the eggs however you like. It’s also the same station where they cook the pancakes and waffles. We had our eggs scrambled.

They had three kinds of juices available and fruits next to the bread counter. I think they make the bread in-house. I got three kinds of bread and had it heated. I also got the honey spread which was really good and the strawberry jam.

They also had a salad bar with dilis and salted eggs with tomatoes on one section. I got a bowl of congee on the next table.

They also had yogurt which my friends told me was really good. They also had a table for cereals, next to the yogurts. It was a huge buffet spread, bigger than normal buffet spreads I’ve seen on other hotels in the Philippines. Here’s the view from our table.

I think it was a really good experience. The buffet spread was large and varied. Plenty of options for whatever your whim is for breakfast. I wouldn’t do it everyday though if I were staying at The Manor for a week. I don’t think I’ll get my money’s worth. There are plenty of other good breakfast options in Baguio to try. :)