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This Baguio trip was a post birthday celebration for me and my friend. After a really long bus ride and our check-in at The Manor, we went out for lunch. Our local friend took us at the Ketchup Community which is located at Romulo Drive right across Wright Park.

There are a number of restaurants inside which inlcudes Rumah that serves Malay-Indonesian food, Cafe Circolo which serves western food, Happy Tummy which serves Thai food, Rancho Norte that serves Filipino food and Canto where we sat and ordered our ribs. You can sit at any of these restaurants and order from different restaurants like we did. We sat at Canto for the ribs and ordered a plate of Pad Thai at Happy Tummy.

The decor is spartan but artistic and charming. This was at Canto’s..

This is the view of the other restos from where we sat at Canto.

It took a while for the servers to attend to us even though we’ve been sitting there for a while and they could actually see us from were they were at. So the service is nothing to write home about. Oh well.. they gave us the menu after a while.

We all ordered the half a slab of ribs for only 175 pesos. It came with a salad, rice or mashed potato. It was really good. The ribs were cooked perfectly. It was really yummeh. I would like to thank my friend K for her generosity paying for our meal. She also writes a wonderful Baguio food blog -> http://eatsinbaguio.wordpress.com. Check it out.

Here is the Pad Thai we ordered from Happy Tummy. Don’t expect an authentic Pad Thai, it was still good. :)

After the meal, we walked to Wright Park, where all the horses are. If you are a Filipino who vacationed in Baguio as a kid, I’m sure you’ve sat/ridden on one of these and took plenty of pictures. I did. :D

Then we took more pictures at the Mansion and proceeded to town. We got a massage at Himaya Spa then dinner at Volante’s. I always get their pesto pasta with chicken.

My friend got an apple pie but we were really disappointed. It was cold, like it just came out of the freezer and they heated it so the outside is a little warm but the inside was really cold.

We even went to Vizco’s to get a strawberry cake but decided against it since strawberry was not in season. Read: expensive.

We even took home green mango with spicy salt from the side street vendors to eat at the hotel. It was such a fun time. These are my friends whom I met at college in Hawaii. I consider them life-long friends. I can imagine us being grandmas and still meeting each other once in a while. We live in different parts of the country yet we all still make an effort to see each other once in a while. When the world seems jaded and it’s harder to find people you genuinely connect with and trust, I feel really blessed to know these people and to have them in my life.