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We had Sunday Brunch at Floor Two Restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel in Geneva with my Mom and two of my aunts. It’s one of those indulgent things that we get to do once in a while thanks to a discount a friend had.  It normally costs a lot, I think around 100 CHF.

We had to go up the elevator with the fancy clear glass.

The amazing table setting.

We chose to be seated inside although the outside terrace looked really nice. You get the views outside and see the lake across.

We were asked if we wanted anything to drink. We just asked for water and they gave us two huge Evian bottles. There are juices on the buffet table. I think it’s free, even the coffee. I’m not sure about alcohol though.

I love the artisan breads. Also the foie gras triangles. The couscous in the glass – I didn’t like.

The beef is okay. Loved the roasted cherry tomatoes. See, i got one of those foie gras triangle again. :P They also have this dedicated kitchen with a window that makes all the eggs and it’s where i got the carved beef.

Now for desserts.. They had this whole section of it which had a lot of option. This is my first plate. I got a waffle, fresh raspberries (I used to hate any kind of berry but I love them now), fruit stick and run it through the chocolate fountain, brownies among other things.

The next plate i got two pies, apricot and peach, I think. I also got this cake/bread thing. Look at that yummy red pastry with strawberries on the side plated on a bamboo. It was really pretty.

This is what you see outside the restaurant. I think it’s another restaurant in the middle or a bar.

Then we looked for a restroom which was kinda far. You had to pass by the spa. It was really nice though. Their bathroom was upholstered in leather and used signature toiletries. They didn’t have any paper towels, they used real towels. Wow.

The hotel caters to a Middle Eastern clientele so there were a lot of them, really rich ones. I saw one other Asian group and they were a family of three probably staying at the hotel. I would recommend it if you have the cash to spare. Otherwise, I’m not really impressed. :)