Flying with Qatar Airways was much much better than my experience with Etihad except for the transit at the airport. The Economy Class Airport Terminal in Qatar was small and packed. NAIA may be dingy but at least you don’t have to go down your plane with your luggage and get on a crowded bus to get to the terminal and do this again in reverse to get on your next plane. They have a different terminal area for First Class and Business Class passengers. I could hardly find a seat to rest but I heard that they’re building a new airport which will open next year.

Their entertainment system is nothing to rave about. It’s like any other media plane system. However, their 3-3-3 seat configuration on economy is something I really love instead of the 3-4-3 seat configuration on most airlines. It gives me a very comfortable leg room. In comparison to Etihad, it felt like Qatar’s had more space on economy which equals to a more comfortable ride.

They gave out towels and candies while we were easing into our seats.

Loved their uniforms and the spaciousness and newness of the aircraft.

For the food, this was their menu on the Manila to Qatar flight.

I got the Chicken Adobo sa Gata meal for the main meal and orange juice for drinks.

I usually don’t like vegetables but the ranch dressing was really good! and there was a generous amount of it on the side. Fruits were okay. The Adobo in Gata was good. Every meal comes with water and bread roll. No complaints about the food. Here’s my hot snack meal and i chose the chicken – again. I should have tried the noodles. Sometimes, my love for rice clouds my judgement. :D


Here’s the Duty Free Shop which is just one big area where everything is and the restaurants/fast food area is towards the end on the second floor but I didn’t take a picture of that, only the duty free shop area.


The breakfast meal I had on my Qatar to Europe leg. I got Scrambled egg with sausages meal and a croissant! :)

I really like the experience flying with Qatar Airways. I like that their planes looked new and well maintained. The flight attendants don’t seem rushed even if the flights were full, maybe they have to thank the wonderful seat configuration for that which means less people in their areas. They gave us a comfort kit on each flight which consists of socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear plugs and eye mask inside a travel pouch so I got four of those. I also signed up on their frequent flyer club. I dream. Haha. I would choose to fly with Qatar any day as long as they’ve moved to the new airport and their prices remain competitive. :)