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I was like a kid in a candy store and I’m in my late 20s. Haha. This is probably my favorite Disney park and so far I’ve been to three including this one. I’m not into rides, I just really like the novelty and the atmosphere. This is probably my favorite amusement park. I hope it will still have the same feel  because I would like to take my future kids here someday. :)

We took the Regional A train to its last stop the Marne-la-Vellee-Chessy. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour from the city center of Paris. We got on a double deck train which was really cool. On our way back though, we got the normal train so don’t expect a double deck train all the time. :P

As we enter the park, this is the crowd we see. And again, this line is just for security.

Upon entering the security gate, you would see a park with well manicured lawns with Mickey Mouse’s face of course. Then you see this building with the ticket booths underneath.

They had plenty of booths but it still was a long winding line.

These are the prices. We got the 1 day 2 Park tickets so we can go to the Disney Park and Disney Studios. We got a discount voucher from our hotel too so check on those, you’ll save a lot especially if there are more people in your group.

We finally got our tickets!

We decide to go to Disney Studios first and then go to Disney Park later in the day. We put in our tickets in the machine like on a subway but don’t worry you get to keep it.

Disney Studios had this warehouse thing where mostly restaurants are inside and souvenir stores. Then further on, it has different areas and rides. We went to the Hollywood Tower of Terror first, then we took the tram ride.

This was a surprisingly pretty cool ride. I thought it was just take us around the area but it actually lifts your tram sideways and you can feel the heat from the burning fire and water coming at you like on a real movie set.

While looking for lunch, we accidentally stumbled upon the High school Musical cafeteria which was awesome. It’s kind of obscure since it’s like on the other end of the park across the Armageddon ride (which was closed at the time) and the truck ride thing (I forgot the name). Anyway, you just get the food you like and pay at the counter. It feels like you’re in the actual High School Musical universe. Go Wildcats!!! :P

There was also the Toy Story area where they had a big Buzz Lightyear display, the dinasour, a photo op with the toy soldier in parachute, the toy rides and of course the slinky the dog ride.

And yes, we lined up with other kids in princess costumes to take a picture with Mickey Mouse. They have an official photographer too. We had our pictures printed at one of the gift shops as souvenirs. :)

There was this small area for photos on the doors with the green one-eyed creatures on Monster Inc. next to the Warehouse. There were also scream monitors on the side.

Time for the parade and we got ourselves a good seat albeit under the sun for the entirety of it. The price to pay to see our favorite characters.

After that, we go back to the Disney park.

We took a few pictures with Cinderella’s castle and my cousins went on the Space Mountain 2 ride.

Time for another parade! This one was bigger and better than the one earlier at the Disney Studios.

Afterwards, we went to the haunted mansion which was really a kiddie ride but it was ok, the lines weren’t bad.

We passed through the mountain ride on the Frontierland. We passed by a few stores and bought a few things. Time for dinner which we had at Fuente Del Oro. They served mexican food. I had rice and a nachos.

On our way out, we passed by restaurants like Hakuna Matata from Lion King and a few stores that were Aladdin inspired.

There was another parade at 9pm but we skipped it since we were super tired and we worried about our ride home along with all the people exiting the park. It was such a fun day. I will definitely go back, hopefully with my own future family in tow. :)