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Macarons are this fluffy, heavenly pastry made of two cookie meringues on each side with a filling in the middle. The flavors are just limitless from the classic Almond to Rose Petal. The store who’s made famous by its macarons is Laduree. They’ve been at it for around 150 years.

I’ve seen a few Laduree stores in Paris especially in tourist areas so you can’t really miss them. There’s even one inside the Palace of Versailles, a really small one. Here’s a tour of our experience at the Laduree store in 18 rue Royale.

It’s not a big store. The store is configured like a U shape with the products and the counter on the left. There are displays on both sides of the sore enclosed in glass cabinets.

On the end of the store before you turn about, there’s this huge mirror we almost bumped into. We were tired. :P Anyway, there’s this sign where the different kinds of flavor are displayed so you can decide on what to get while waiting in line.

I always forget that they sell other things because they’re really well-known for the macarons. They also have pastries on display. :)

They also have Macaron ice creams. Cool huh?

They really package their products really nice. They have rolls of ribbon to tie your pastries prettily..

Now for the main event, the Macarons..

I forgot the exact things we got but I know we had Pistache, Almond, Vanilla and a couple of caramel sea salt flavored Macarons.

We were asked if we wanted a box and we said yes. They gave us this really cute Hello Kitty box which wasn’t free by the way. We only found out when we paid for it. Haha. It was a really nice box. When I visited their website, it looks like their current box is a Lanvin one so they probably have these special boxes every now and then. My cousin got a caramel sea salt Macaron ice cream.

There you go, indulge yourself with a few Macarons in Paris. :)