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While walking around and waiting for the Tour Eiffel to put its light on, we walked around the vicinity to get some souvenirs and dinner. We spotted Bistro de la Tour Effel just on the next street on the left side of the Tour Eiffel.

We were asked if we wanted to be seated outside or inside. We chose to be inside since the chairs outside looked like they were intended for one to two persons only with two chairs facing the street with a table in front – the usual Parisian set up.

On to dinner, I think salmon at the time was in season since it seemed cheaper than beef or lamb.

I had the loveliest salmon with rice and tartar sauce. The French knows how to cook their salmon. It was perfect. I’ve had salmon in Geneva and I hated it because you could still taste the fish and not in a good way. I loved this.

My cousin had Salmon Tartare. I don’t like raw food. She said it was really good.

 My aunt had Lamb with couscous. I don’t think she finished hers. For one, she doesn’t really eat much. I don’t like lamb so I didn’t taste it either.

My other cousin had Pasta with salmon and according to him, it was also good.

I think this one is of our more expensive meals probably because of the location and the quality was pretty good. My uncle gave them a good tip too even though the service was so-so. I’ve noticed that waiters in Paris don’t give you the best attention, it’s more like I’ll get to you when I want to. They don’t like being called. It was a good meal. The view around the corner is something like this too..