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As soon as we got in the taxi we hailed..

Taxi Driver: Where to?
My cousin: Eiffel Tower
Taxi Driver: No, No.. Tour Eiffel
All of us: Oh, Tour Eiffel..
Taxi Driver: Oui, Oui.. Not Eiffel Tower, Tour Eiffel

We stand corrected. :)

Isn’t it gorgeous?

We came at around 10am and the line was already long. The good thing with being a small group is that a few people can stay on the line and another person can check if there are shorter lines elsewhere and there was – towards the back. :)

While waiting to reach the ticket office on our line, we took a picture of the lift going up.

They have various prices as to where you wanted to go for 2nd floor or all the way to the top or if you choose to climb the stairs which are listed here. We chose the option for the lift to the top which costs 14 euros for adults. The ticket is really cute. They tear one on each side for going to the 2nd floor and the other one for going to the top.

I could not imagine walking the stairs to go up but these people are troopers. :)

The view from inside the lift going up.

This is the view of Paris from the second floor deck.

This is the other view looking up.

On the second floor, you’ll find snack shops, restrooms, and souvenir shops. There was this glass thing in the middle that if you look down, you’ll see directly below of the tower.

So, we made this mistake of not checking what we were on line for. When we were close enough, we could see that what we thought was the elevator line was only a line for the tickets to go up. If you only bought a ticket up to the 2nd deck and decided to go all the way to the top, this was the right line. Unfortunately for us, we wasted about 45 minutes to an hour. So we had to climb on the second deck where the elevators were located and a sign that says to the top.

A charming view of Paris all the way from the top..

There’s even a Sommelier on top. :)

There was a wax figure display of Gustave Eiffel and his daughter next to this sign of what looked like their apartment but I didn’t take any good picture because it was crowded.

My cousin said there’s also something like this on Toronto’s CN Tower. It’s pretty cool to see my country on there.

The Tour Eiffel is just darling at night too. We asked a French in one of the stalls on what time it lights up. He said 11pm. We thought that was a little late. We had dinner at 10pm around the vicinity but we saw it already in lights from the side so we thought he maybe wrong. Then at exactly 11pm, the Tour Eiffel was twinkling, so that’s what he meant. It’s so  nice at night. There’s this open field next to it and you can see people bring blankets and wine and just watch the Tour Eiffel do its wonder at night.