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I think the open bus tour is such a convenient way to see the sights of Paris at your own pace, especially in the summer where you could enjoy the open bus top with unobtrusive views of the sights.

My uncle and his family got the Paris Ala Carte 2 Days included in their vacation package. It includes both the bus and boat tour on River Seine for 43.00 euros according to their website. They had a voucher they showed to the driver and he printed their tickets. They also give out this green earphones along with the ticket so you can plug to the audio guide next to your seat which is available in many languages. My uncle bought me a separate ticket which can be also be purchased at the bus while they are parked of course. These are the prices listed on their website:

2 day pass adult – 34.00 euros
1 Daz pass adult – 31.00 euros
1 or 2 Day pass child – 15.00 euros

It’s important to note their timetables if you don’t want to take the Taxi or the subway back to your hotel or get stuck somewhere.

High Season : From April 1st, 2012 till November 4th, 2012
Low Season: From November 5th, 2012 till April 1st 2013

They actually have 4 routes which are differentiated in color, to note on interchanges. At first, we couldn’t figure out how to find out the color of the bus we were on which was always green. On our 2 days, we only manage to get on 2 routes out of the 4. I know, we should have maximized it more but I was just going with the flow. It was free, who was I to dictate our travel pace? :P Anyway, the color of the bus is indicated on the lower left hand corner of the bus window which is not really obvious unless you know what to look for.

The routes are listed here. The most popular one being the green route which covers the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame and The Louvre to name a few. We also took the yellow one on the last trip of the day (see why it’s important to know the schedule) since it stops near our hotel. So, this is what we saw on the green bus. :)

At Tour Eiffel, next to the red open bus we also see all over the place along with the green bus. :)

There’s this narrow lane going into The Louvre complex that surprisingly vehicles can go through, it was pretty cool being a few inches from the wall.

There was this cool open space near Notre Dame where they put up a huge screen and bean bags, just a place they provided for people to watch the Olympics.

On our way to Champ Elysee..

We only had a slight problem on our 2nd day wherein we were waiting for the yellow bus route which was less frequent than the green one and it happened that one of them just broke down in front of their office. People started to come also waiting for the yellow bus. I think we sat there for about 30 minutes or maybe an hour waiting for a yellow bus. When the last one came, we all squished in. It was full to the brim. I saw an Asian family with a stroller who obviously cant fit and they just missed the last bus. I felt really sorry for them. I think they were waiting there thinking another one might come. Except for that not so nice experience, it was good.