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On our first night in Paris, we were all famished. So we walked around the neighborhood of our hotel to see what was available. Then we see this restaurant that looked like a bistro with a line. We were like.. a line of people is a good sign. So, we told the waiter that we wanted a table for 5. It was harder to come by than the usual 2 so we had to wait a while. We were almost gonna give up but glad we didn’t.

It turned out that they had a promotion on Sunday nights, the reason why there were more people than the usual. I’m not very sure about the exact amount of the promotion since I didn’t pay. Haha. If I remember it right, I think it was around 19.99 euros for the unlimited mussels and it comes with dessert too. It’s only available on Sunday nights too.

Four of us ordered this special. We got a tub of mussels with another special container for our shells. The mussels were really good. It was mussel overload. I think we each only had two servings and the second serving is understandably on a smaller container since I guess most people can’t finish the second tub.

For dessert, I had waffles with sugar which was just okay.

My aunt got the waffles with whipped cream..

My cousin got the creme brulee.. For me the french creme brulee is the diluted version of the Filipino leche flan so i didn’t bother to get this. Just like what i thought, i tried my cousin’s creme brulee and it was bland. I like my sugar. :D

My other cousin got the ice cream in chocolate and vanilla.

I think we got a good deal for a dinner in Paris. We were all so full after this. Another tip, we only found out after searching on the internet that the tips are already included in the menu price so you don’t necessarily have to give any more but a small amount is always appreciated. We would always give about 15% of the bill to the waiters that’s probably why they looked so happy. It’s a very expensive city and my uncle could have bought so much for the amount he gave on tips. Bummer. Oh well. It’s always good to do a little bit of research before going.

8 Place de la République
75011 PARIS
Tel : 01 43 38 28 69
Opening times :
From sunday au thursday : 11h45-00h00
On friday, saturday and bank holidays : 11h45-1h00