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I was invited by my uncle and his family for a vacation in Paris. They were coming from Canada. I think it was the travel agent who chose this particular hotel. I just got the address from the internet and got directions from this nifty app called Metro on which lines to take. I was coming from Gare de Lyon. It took a couple of subway rides to get to the Jacques Bonsargent stop which is the closes metro stop to the hotel. On my exit, I took the wrong direction when I should have just turned the other direction and the hotel was just about a block away.

This is the street the hotel is on..

The sitting area on the lobby is pretty chic. It also has a courtyard further down and computers free to use.

We got two rooms. One on the 5th floor and another on the 4th. We were on the 5th, our room was smaller but we had a street view while they had a courtyard view. :D

This is the door that leads to the balcony which we hardly get on since the small space in between the bed and the door is littered with luggage. ;P

The TV with the desk below and a small cabinet on the end.

On the other side of the room, the bathroom is on the right while there’s a chair and also a full size mirror on the wall. :)

Bathroom was small but sufficient.

The balcony.. which we didn’t get to enjoy as much as we should have because it was cold and we had luggage around the door.

The view from the balcony..

Breakfast was served on the lower ground floor. It is basically the same everyday with sausages, ham, bread, cereals, egg and jams. They had free flowing juice and coffee too. They give coupons for breakfast. What i liked was the croissant which is freshly baked everyday in-house. The decor was really nice too with the transparent chairs and quaint tables.

Overall, I really liked the hotel. It’s very convenient if you take the subway. There’s also a bike park nearby if you wanted to take one of those. Taxis aren’t hard to get as well as public buses. There’s also a green tourist bus stop just a couple blocks away. The service was okay, nothing to brag about. They clean the rooms well. We had to ask for toilet paper a couple of times but we never really had problems. The elevator is really small. Sometimes one of us had to take the stairs or wait for another trip. I don’t know how much my uncle paid for it though so I can’t really say if it’s worth it. From my experience without paying, it was a good hotel. :)