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On a rainy Saturday night, me and my friends went to try out this new cafe along Benry Square on McArthur Highway next to the radio station. This is their facebook page.

I was surprised to see that the interior was really nice, as well as the furniture. The style is kind of old European. The wait staff are also dressed nicely unlike the usual t-shirt I am used to.

Their price point is okay. It’s right in the middle, not too expensive. It aint cheap either.

They had promos at the moment. You had 6 to choose from and most of them only cost P99.00 for a choice of drink between a soda or iced tea, pasta and garlic bread, and a Popsicle chicken. It’s a pretty good deal.

I had the Capelli D’ Angelo which is basically angel hair pasta with spicy canned tuna flakes with olives, a chicken and pepsi. It was good. I liked it.

My friend had the pesto.. It’s basically the same thing as my plate except for the pasta.

After resting and chatting for a bit. It’s time for cakes and drinks! I got the Butter Cake for 105 pesos. (My cake is more expensive than my meal! :P ) and a Pine Mango smoothie for 95 pesos.

My friend got the red velvet cake and the Macadamia nut Frappe which she didn’t like. The cake was good though.

My other friend got eclairs and the Reeses Peanut butter Frappe.

They also have Sisha or Hookah available for 200 pesos according to the wait staff.

We had a really good time and I liked the food enough that I will come back and bring other friends. :)