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I’ve always wanted to go to Tim Ho Wan because it’s got a Michelin star and I could afford it. Haha.

It was a bit hard to find. I got these instructions from the internet: Exit from MTR Yau Ma Tei A2 exit, or MTR Mong Kok E2 exit then walk towards Dundas street. If you’re around Mong Kok’s famous stretch of streets (Sai Yeung Choi, Tung Choi aka Ladies Street, Fa Yuen street), then just walk to the southern ends of any and you’re good to go.

What these instructions didn’t say is that you have to go on the end of Dundas street, you kind of have to make a right. If you see a local market in the middle of the street that sells flowers and fruits, you’re on the right path, go past it and turn right, you will see the long lines.

Once you’re there, you tell the lady how many people are in your party and she gives you a number on your paper menu which she would collect when she calls out your number. Don’t worry, she can speak English. :) There’s a Chinese and an English menu. You have plenty of time to fill it out while waiting. Our wait was about an hour which wasn’t too bad. We were there around 11ish in the morning.

So she calls out our number and we give her our menu thing for our orders. The restaurant is very small but I’m surprised that it had pleasant interiors. I was kinda expecting a dingy place to be honest. :D But they were really efficient.

They give out tea and bowls. My coke I got from 7-11 across the street. :D

I think they opened 2 more branches as indicated by the paper place mats but this branch is the original.

I ordered steamed rice with chicken when I really wanted glutinous rice covered in leaf and i crossed it out last minute since I wasn’t sure. Ugh! This was just so-so.. This was HKD18.

My friend got these Deep fried dumpling with meat for HKD12. I think these were the best out of everything we ordered. They were fried to perfection. Crunchy and puffed but not oily.

My friend got these Deep fried eggplant with beef for HKD16 and they were weird.

I ordered these Steamed spareribs in black bean sauce for HKD16. Unfortunately, I’ve had better steamed spareribs in blackbean sauce at Hoho’s Gourmet in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I also ordered Steamed Pork dumplings with shrimp for HKD24. I thought I was getting shuimai but I got these instead.. couldn’t even finish them.

So, my verdict is that it was okay. I was a little disappointed because I expected too much. I think I wanted to be blown away but I wasn’t. It was like eating at any normal dim sum place anywhere in the world, nothing really special. The only good thing from this experience is that I can tell anyone I’ve eaten at a restaurant with a Michelin star. :)