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Every year, I find myself buying a ticket to go to Hong Kong during promo events with budget airlines. I just love this place. I don’t know why I keep coming back but I do.

This time, I went with a college friend. It’s her first time in Hong Kong. We really had no solid plans. So, we just had sort of a guideline on what we could do and just see how it went.

On arrival, I was surprised that the gate we landed on was closer to immigration. Last year, we had to take a train and walk a long way. That was nice. I got money from the ATM as soon as we exited Customs and Immigration. Then we purchased our Octopus cards and they only accept cash. If I have one tip for you for visiting Hong Kong, it is to get the Octopus card – it’s super convenient. It takes care of almost all your transportation needs, you can even use your credit for 7-11 or most fast food chains. We paid HKD 150 and it has HKD100 value and HKD 35 reserve. You can return it on the end of your trip and get any stored value you have left on it except for the HKD 7 they deduct for the use of the card.

We went to Langham Palace for lunch at the food court and to kill time before we can check in. This is my first time here. I just realized that Hong Kong is the land of escalators. They have crazy ones like this one, it’s like a ride in an amusement park. It’s kinda scary when you’re up top looking down.

We used the MTR a lot.. free hugs? :P

We went to Granville road to check out the stores before going to the Avenue of Stars for the light show.. Hong Kong is pretty at night. I didn’t get to go jogging like I wanted to but it’s okay. :)

There was an art exhibit of Hollywood actors with their artsy pictures along the avenue.

Then we made our way to the Temple Night market and paid a fortune teller for telling us things we already know. What a waste of our HKD100. Hahahaha. We’ll just put it on experience. We called it a night.

The next day, we tried to go to church. Armed with a map, we thought we could find our way by walking. Epic fail. We didn’t realize that people are probably not aware of churches nor street names so they weren’t much help and the confusing roads and signs weren’t much of a help either. Instead we rode the Disney rail to take pictures at Disney. We didn’t bother to go in and the hefty HKD399 park entrance fee. :D

We also dropped by the Citygate Outlet Mall for some shopping. :) For lunch, we were on Central to see the longest escalator in the world while looking for a place to eat lunch. We were on this alley and we see an article with Anthony Bourdain posted on a restaurant and we just go in. They don’t even have a menu in english. You just point the kind of meat you want.

You know it’s fresh.. :D

They mixed up our orders but who cares? The food was not amazing but it wasn’t bad either..

There was a local bakery next door with amazing Mango mochi. We kept coming back for more. :P

Then we looked for the Man Mo Temple. They had an English speaking fortune teller but the line was a bit long and I didn’t have any idea how much he charged.

Then we took the tram to go to Causeway Bay. I love the tram. It’s the cheapest and most romantic mode of transportation in Hong Kong.

While walking along Central on a Sunday, it was a little disheartening to see a lot of Filipina domestic helpers sitting on cardboard boxes along foot bridges and pavements/roads in front of expensive stores like Louis Vuitton.  Then I thought about it.. how space is so prime in Hong Kong. It’s not like they have any other place to hang out. They can’t eat out and sit in restaurants for hours. I can’t even find a decent place to sit inside most of their malls especially in Causeway bay which is packed on a Sunday. Everyone is out.

We had a nice dinner at a friend’s house like a mini college reunion. Too bad her Mom was sick to cook for us. I’m guessing it would have been really good. We had Pizza Hut instead which wasn’t too bad either. Haha.

The next day, we went to Macau.

On our last day, we went to Tim Ho Wan – the cheapest Michelin place in the world. I’m sorry but I wasn’t that impressed, maybe we didn’t order right but I had no idea what to order. Anyway, we waited about an hour to get in. It was mostly tourists that were there, a lot of Chinese tourists like me. :D I might do a separate post on it. It was kinda hard to find.

We end our trip with a dinner at the Temple Night Market.

I discovered this new feature on my Canon G9 thanks to my friend and I did a lot of time lapse shot in Hong Kong. :)