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This is my fourth time visiting Hong Kong and I’ve stayed at the Sincere House in Mongkok before so I prefer guesthouses in this location.

I booked through them weeks ahead specifying a room with a window which we agreed to reserve and pay for more. They quoted their Twin room with no windows at HK$400 a night and HK$480 a night for a twin room with windows. The day we arrived, we were told the room is not ready yet so we leave our things and set out to get some food. We were told to come back at 1pm and so we did. Then they were giving us this cramped “triple room” with no windows like we should be thankful that they were giving us three beds when we clearly don’t need an extra bed, we need a window which we paid for. Of course we refused. The lady in charge was getting mad at me for their mistake which was so wrong. She was telling me check in time was 2pm when the email they sent specifically states that check in time is 1pm, even the guy manning the booth told us to come back at 1pm. I was even trying to show her and she was getting mad at me.

She even told me to just go to some other guest house which was SO RUDE but we’ve already paid when we arrived in the morning. This information would have been useful if she told me she couldn’t accommodate us when we made reservations. If we weren’t so tired from the journey, I wouldn’t mind finding a room at Chungking Mansion. I was so mad and tired at the same time. I didn’t expect 5 star accommodation from a guesthouse but I didn’t expect them to be that rude either.

Long story short, they moved us to a different room on a different floor – room with a window. It looked like our neighbors in the unit were permanent residents. It was a huge room in Hong Kong standards to be fair with four beds but we were told to not use the other two. I mean duh?

Then we transferred to their guesthouse after 2 nights. I didn’t bother taking pictures of the cramped room anymore. It’s just a really small room with 2 beds on each side of the wall with 2 feet of space in between. It had windows. The restroom was at the foot of the bed and the door. They were nice after that like nothing happened. Maybe this could have been a good review if they weren’t very rude at the start. As they say, first impressions last. ;D

I noticed that they had a lot of Thai guests and maybe that’s their niche. So, just be warned. Because of that, I would not recommend this hostel and I wouldn’t come back. There are plenty of guesthouses in this building who wouldn’t go ballistic on you because they messed up the reservations. I recommend the Dragon Hostel on the 7th floor. They were just fully booked at the time of my booking. :)