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I signed up for the 11K category which costs 1,000.00 pesos. It includes a nice race shirt, a bib with your race number on it, and stickers neatly packed in this envelope..

I went up the mountains (Baguio. ^.^) the day before the race. After lunch, I felt a severe pain in the stomach and back. I took some medicine for indigestion – still didn’t help. I was like maybe a massage can, I tried that. It only resulted in vomiting all that I ate for lunch and then some. I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I asked my friend to take me to the emergency room. They injected me a medicine for gastric pain, still didn’t do anything.

Then they prescribed me some medicine for stomach spasm which I have to take 3 times a day for the next 3 days and if pain still persists, I would need an ultrasound for my stomach. That still didn’t do anything. I was still writhing in pain. I was just laying on the bed at my friend’s house and the pain was terrible! I asked her if she knew a Hilot or a traditional Filipino healer/chiropractor and it was a good thing that they had a really good one who lives just across the street.

The first thing she did when she entered the room and looked at me, she was like “May bumati sayo” and she had goosebumps and the hair on her arm were just up. My friend felt it too. She had goosebumps too. Then she asked for oil. She started working her magic. It was a bit painful when she was massaging me but it was nothing to what I experienced earlier. She was telling me all my body ailments while she was massaging my joints. She was really good. I felt so much better after. My friend told me that she wished she took pictures because I was totally different before and after. She didn’t believe those kinds of things either but after seeing that, she was changed. Haha.

I made it to race day! :D Our category started at 6:20am.

The route was hard. Haha. A lot of inclines but it was a good experience. :)

See those kids? They were super fast! We were just starting on the other route and they were already going back. I think 3 of them placed on the top 5.

It wasn’t really my goal to be fast. I just really wanted to finish it in under 2 hours and I think I reached that goal. :D

I met few new cool friends along the way too. :)

The event had free drinks after from 100 plus which is one of the sponsors, I think. We got our finisher’s certificate. They also had this cool photo booth set up. Although it was a long line to get to, it was really fun and a cool souvenir for the event. We stayed to watch the awarding ceremony. It’s really brilliant how those people can do the 100K and 50K distance. It’s really amazing what the human body can do.

Who won’t be famished after that? :P