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We were invited by a friend to celebrate her birthday in Laiya, Batangas. We headed to Jac Liner around 7ish to catch our bus to Quezon and we stopped at Candelaria (around 118.00). We were offered by numerous trycicle drivers to take us to Laiya for 1000 pesos. They were telling us that it would take a long time since the jeepneys take a long time to get full. We refused and took the jeepney to San Juan (40 pesos per person). We took another jeep to Laiya (30 pesos per person). We finally arrived at around 11am.

We were actually kind of disappointed to see this when we arrived. In my mind, I was like.. we have to walk some more after that commute?!? s*&#&$&! Haha.

Then we checked in. The resort package our friend G got for our tree house was for 2,500 a person for a 24 hour stay with meals and use of facilities. Our G is so generous! :D

So, we walked to our tree house to leave our things and rest a bit before going to lunch at noon.

This was our room.. very basic. The beds were okay but I could feel it shake whenever someone shuts the door.

This is our bathroom which screams “renovate me!”

I give them props for the views though. This is from our balcony..

Another view on our left, taken from the beach..

Time for lunch! I think we’re the only guests on that Friday afternoon so instead of the usual buffet spread, they just laid out the food on our table. It was a lot! :D

Then we rented a boat inclusive of snorkeling gear for 1000 pesos.

Then we asked them to drop us off at white beach (an extension of the resort) and tried the zipline. You would think it’s not that high but when you climb the tree and you’re on top, it was a little scary. It also doesn’t help that their equipment is pretty basic. You have to pull the break yourself. It was fun though. :))

Then we asked to be picked up by their shuttle jeep to return to the resort but we asked the driver to drop us off at a store to pick up some snacks before returning to the resort.

The resort had free wifi too but only around the restaurant/reception area. There were trampolines too where one of our friends jumped in. Then we noticed a pool, an empty pool! We were like.. why didn’t we notice that before?!? Haha.

and the beautiful sunset..

Dinner was sadly almost the same thing we had at lunch. Same fried chicken and grilled tilapia. But the nicest thing about this resort is the staff. It was our friend’s birthday and we asked them to buy us a cake and they made it possible! So we surprised our friend at dinner with her birthday cake. :)

Woke up early to catch the sunrise but the sun rises on the other side, still was pretty though. :)


We dipped into the pool again before checking out at noon. We all had a great time. I think it helped that we didn’t have any expectation. We really had a nice stay and it was our first time to experience sleeping at a tree house which was really cool. I think the price is a bit expensive for that kind of room. Maybe if it was decently updated, then that would justify the price. The really great thing about this resort are the staff. They were genuinely courteous and really nice the whole time which is not always the case in the Philippine service industry. I give Laiya Coco Grove Resort a thumbs up. :)