I chose Etihad Airlines primarily because of the price. It was the cheapest I could find at the time and they had reasonable reviews online. This is my first time flying with them. The flight from Manila mostly had passengers comprised of Filipino OFWs since their hub is in Abu Dhabi. That’s probably why the price is very competitive.

I was seated in the middle aisle which I don’t prefer but it was okay since the people seated next to me were really nice. Two of them are seamen goind to Europe and the lady on my right was an OFW returning to Abu Dhabi.

So after take off, I turn my monitor on. Then it would get stuck and not work. I told the flight attendant who was foreign with a thick accent on my aisle that it’s not working. She tells me that they will reset it and I say Thank you. Then it happens again a couple of times and of course I tell her. Then she told me off in an offensive tone: Ma’am we’ve turned it off 3 times, we can’t reset it more than 3 times. How the hell am I supposed to know that? Do I know their system? Is it my fault that they had a faulty monitor? All I did was turn it on and tried to watch a movie like everyone else. I was pissed. I even took a video of the monitor that wasn’t working. If I had to sit with that the whole 8 hour flight, I might as well report them for not doing anything about it. It’s a very good thing that this other Filipina flight attendant took action and found me a seat with a monitor that works. And I was very grateful. That really rectified the situation with that other rude flight attendant.

Food was okay. I specified on my online booking that I wanted non-lactose meals which was not a good idea since the menu looked better than what I really had.

On my return flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila, there was this bossy Filipina flight attendant who sort of raised her voice at the OFW passenger behind me since they didn’t have any more soda or something. I guess not all Filipina flight attendants are nice. They looked very tired too – the FAs on our flight. I think they’re understaffed. I’ve flown Malaysian airlines and they have very good service. I’m not sure if it’s because our flight then wasn’t as full as Etihad. Anyway, my experience with Etihad I say would be just okay. It wasn’t that bad and it wasn’t good either. If I had more money, I would rather fly Cathay Pacific or Singapore airlines. :)