I liked Barcelona. What’s not to like? It’s my kind of city since most things open late – like at 10am and they close late too. They take siestas in the afternoon. Who wouldn’t want to rest and take a nap in the middle of the day? Their food is glorious and cheaper compared to other cities in Europe. I might consider moving there. Haha.

I started my tour of the city at Park Güell but we saw this on our way there. I took this picture of Gaudi’s apartment from the bus.

Amazing view of Barcelona from the top of the park..

I was told that this area was in an episode of America’s Next Top Model but that info was too late since the only pose I could come up with at the time was of a chicken about to hatch an egg (not shown here). SMH.

This building looks like a ginger bread house. Gaudi had a wicked creative imagination and to put that into reality was just amazing.

We took the subway a lot. The way their ticket works is that they buy it in groups of 10 rides for one ticket since that is cheaper. You can take buses or trains with the same ticket. You just punch it in the machine as you enter and exit. Each ride is good for a specified amount of time.

In Barcelona, breakfast is at 10 and lunch is around 2pm. Yes, my kind of city. :D We went to Santa Ana at Las Ramblas for lunch.

I had to try the Paella..

We ordered a few other things like bread with marinara, squid, calamares but this was my favorite:  Fideua con alle-oli. It was so good.

And no good meal can be complete without this.. ;)

Our bill came to 50 euros and that’s for 6 adults and 2 kids which I thought was pretty good for Europe. We had a lot of left overs. I was so full. :)

Afterwards, we went to Hard Rock Cafe and bought a shirt. We also passed by this square with plenty of pigeons.. :)

We were off to Mirador De Colom.

We went to this tiny hallway that led to an elevator.. a really tiny one. All four of us fit with the baby and the kid including the operator but with little or no space to spare. That’s why they only take a few people at a time. It was a little scary since you’re basically going up a pole with limited space up top. It’s got amazing views though so I highly recommend it unless you’re claustrophobic. I can’t remember how much it costs to go up but it’s not over 20 euros. My aunt paid for everything during my stay with them so I’m really lucky. Amazing Filipino Hospitality. :)

After that, we went across the street to the pier.

I really like this mall.. bought a few stuff from here on sale. :D

The really cool bridge at night.

The next morning, we tried to go to Tibidabo. We were gonna take the subway but the line going there was closed. We took the bus instead but when we were up there, we find out that the funicular is not in operation. So we just went to Montjuïc.

I’m so glad they have escalators. I love you already Barcelona. You didn’t have to.. :))

I’m saving the best for last of course.. How can I not see this?

It’s still a work in progress. :) Construction had only passed midpoint in 2010 according to wikipedia. It will be finished most likely in 2026. We didn’t have the chance to get in since we were out of time and the lines were TOO long. They went around the church.

We passed by Jose Rizal’s school in Barcelona on our way to get our bus.

Apparently, chinese buffets are the rage in Barcelona as well. The same with Milan and Rome. They’re cheap and very good. We went to his one for 10 euros a person.