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is very very cold. I experienced a minus 24 degree weather. They said that that’s the first time it had happened in years. It was colder than the freezer. The good thing about this is that I was able to see ice crystals and a frozen car. Haha.

Geneva is not the most happening place but it’s a quiet and nice city. It’s very family friendly. It’s cleaner than most European cities but the standard of living is a little higher so it’s more expensive.

There was a sponge bob exhibit at a museum near Rive while I was there and I was like most kids that were there, having a ball. :D

My cousin who was from Barcelona came to visit. We went to Douane which is a border of Switzerland and France. We took the bus. Armed with our passports, we braved the cold to see more snow since she really wanted to see snow which they don’t normally get in Barcelona. :D

I got a monthly transportation pass even though I’m not staying that long since it’s cheaper than getting a ticket every day. For my cousin, we got her a day pass for around 8 Swiss francs and you can get it from machines like these:

We reach Douane and we wanted to take the cable up the mountain but we couldn’t find it. :( We just ended up taking pictures of the area before heading back to the city.

For dinner, we had pasta at an Italian restaurant just right next to my Mom’s apartment building. We were too lazy to go around in the cold for a place to eat. I love their cheese and that there’s so much. Haha. It’s like the equivalent of unlimited gravy at KFC here.

The following day, I took her to see the United Nations and around Geneve.

The park with the big chess sets – I forgot what it’s called. :D

Then, I took her to the airport since she flies out that day too.

While in Geneve, me and my auntie went to Ikea to get some stuff and take advantage of the cheap breakfast. We got this for 2.99 Swiss Francs which is really cheap. But we paid and extra 2 Swiss Francs for that orange juice since you only get either coffee or a hot choco. I don’t like hot drinks. :D

Now, the ice crystals. They don’t normally happen. But because of the unusual really cold weather, some places near the lake got frozen. The Swiss – they go out to take pictures and play with it. They must really like the cold. :D

We went to Versoix first and we took the train. We even went back in the afternoon since we didn’t see the frozen cars in the morning. My Mom’s friend drove us down since she lived there. We just took the train back to Geneve.

I wonder if you can drive this again in the summer.. :D

Even the fire hydrant is frozen..

We also drove to Nyon..

A trip to Switzerland is not complete without going to the mountains. This time we went to Saint Cergue. We took a train and a tram.

Freshly plowed snow..

My mismatched snow shoes.. :D

Next time, I’d be skiing too. :))

After all that walking, it’s time to eat! I wanted to experience cheese fondue..

And I didn’t like it! The alcohol in it or whatever they put in is too overpowering. I merely had four to five chunks of bread dipped in it. I couldn’t eat any more. I hated the fondue but I liked the raclette.. :)