There’s a lot to see in Rome. I only had one whole day to explore Rome and see the sights. It wasn’t enough. I was lucky my grandpa’s brother lived there and took a day off from work to take me around the city. I arrived at night time at the Central Station. Had a really huge dinner..

I had chicken with potato, pasta and prosciutto with arugula and humongous mozzarella cheese. Then we went home.

We started the next day at the Trevi fountain.

A traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, they are ensured a return to Rome. I threw a lot of coins in it. I lost count. According to this website, other interpretations are that two coins thrown will ensure a marriage will occur soon, and three coins leads to a divorce or breakup. Another version of this legend is that it is lucky to throw three coins with one’s right hand over one’s left shoulder into the Waters of the Trevi Fountain. I wish I had written this down before my trip. Haha.

Then we had lunch. I had beef and risotto while grandpa had pasta, roast pork, bread and a salad.

I wish I had the chance to drive one of these.. :)

Then we went to the Vatican, bought some rosaries too for my aunts and uncles. The line was soooo long. It probably would take a couple of hours before we could get in so we skipped it.

My grandpa said that the Pope waves from one of those windows to the people below almost every sunday.

A view of Saint Peter’s Basilica..

Then we saw the Castel Sant’Angelo which was just across the street.

Then we took the bus to see the Piazza Venezia..

Then we walked to see the Roman ruins on our way to the Colloseum..

Then we took the bus again to the Pantheon.

Then we walked to Piazza Navona. The Four Rivers by Bernini is just divine. It was just beautiful.

We walked to see the Spanish steps. On our way, we passed by the really expensive shopping street but these lights were really nice mimicking a really long Italian flag.

That was my whirlwind tour of Rome. We got Chinese food on our way home. Haha.

The following day, I took the Leonardo Da Vinci express to the airport to catch my plane.