After missing my train and catching the next one from Venice to Florence or Firenze. I was late for our meet up – a friend of  a friend was picking me up from the station since she’s got class. My friend is very fortunate to be in Florence studying art. I noticed that Italian cities have different rates and time frame for their public transportation ticket. In Florence, it costs  2 euros for a bus ticket and it lasts 90 minutes after you validate it inside the bus. We left my luggage at her house, got some gelatto for 1.40 euro and got on a bus to go to Fesola. It is one of the highest point in Firenze and you would see the valley. It’s such a nice view. This is the square where the bus stops..

The Tuscan valley..

The Tuscan sun..

After the sunset, we went down and we met up with my friend. She went there after class. We were gonna take the bus but she’s got a bike and they don’t allow it on the bus so we met up at the stop. We sneaked her foldable bike on the next bus and we’re finally home in her studio apartment. We had simple ravioli and pesto lasagna for dinner. :D

The following day, she got me a ticket at the Pitti Palace since she’s got a museum pass. :) I went around. I basically just went around the apartments and artworks of the Medici family which was nice.. They had awesome wallpapers. I couldn’t take pictures too, it was prohibited.

I attempted to see the Boboli Gardens but I gave up once I saw the map.. :D

I got to see this though before giving up.. :D

After this, I walked my way to Ponte Vecchio which means old bridge.

view of the river from Ponte Vecchio..

Noticed a lot of “love locks” too but I saw a sign saying that it’s illegal and that there’s a hefty fine if caught.

Then I walked to Galleria degli Uffizi. A lot of construction around that area. I didn’t bother to go in the museum since I was being a cheapskate.

Further down is the Piazza della Signora where there is a copy of Michelangelo’s david and various impressive sculptures on display, some of which are original work.

I went to Santa Croce to meet up with my friend Jan on her lunch break from art school. While waiting for her, I even saw a Japanese crew filming what looked like a fashion ad.  We were gonna go to this really nice gelatto place nearby but it was closed so we just decided to go to a grocery store and buy some roasted chicken and pasta for a cheap but yummy lunch. :)

After lunch, we parted ways and I went to see the Duomo or the Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore. This was the most tourist crowded place I’ve seen in Florence.

Inside the Cathedral was really wide and open and solemn. I even sat at a bench and just watched people walk by and had some moment to ponder the beauty of all these.

Then I walked to the shopping street and reached the square where you can’t miss the carousel.

A random and very impressive street art..

I even rubbed the boar’s nose. They say that you will return to Florence if you do this so we’ll see. :)

I walked along the streets of Firenze passing by many churches and museum. I paid an admission fee of 6.50 euros at Galleria dell’ Academia to see the original statue of David. Of course taking pictures was not allowed but I sneaked around the corner to take some. ;D

For dinner, I had my first taste of authentic carbonara which is cooked in egg. We also got this glorious chocolate cake at my friend’s neighborhood patisserie. I even went back the next morning to get some more.

The next day, I just went around and walked and walked and slept for a bit before catching my train to Rome. We chanced upon a really beautiful Italian guy to take our picture at the train station. I hope I see him again, couldn’t forget his face. Haha