From Milan Centrale, I boarded a trenitalia train for Venezia Sta. Lucia. It cost me around 32 euros. It could have been cheaper if I booked earlier. They have the Mini offers and they are less expensive but also less flexible than regular tickets of course. Their Trenitalia website has an option to view it in english. This is where I check the timetable for train departures. It is very useful. When booking, be wary of the time – that’s how you find out if the train is direct or it’s a local train which is a lot less expensive but takes a lot longer because it makes more stops. My train journey took about 2 hours and it was very comfortable. :)

The Venezia San Lucia railway station has no ramps like most of Venice so I had to drag my large suitcase all by myself down those stairs. The Vaporetto dock was just around the corner.

I took the number 2 Vaporetto and got off at the Rialto stop since that’s the closest stop to my hotel. The cost of the ticket was 6 euros and I think it lasts for an hour. It took about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the Rialto stop. I chose Hotel Centauro for this leg of my trip since it fits my budget and it’s got good reviews on Tripadvisor. I will do a separate post on that.

Left my luggage in my room. Then, I asked for a map from the hotel receptionist. I just started walking around..

Those big yellow signs are everywhere. They’re mainly of the top tourist sites like the Rialto, San Marco and Le’Accademia to tell you which way you’re going.

Gondolas in Venice cost about 80 euros a ride and can fit a maximum of 6 people. I really wanted to ride one but my mind can’t get around spending that much.

My feet found their way to Saint Mark’s Square..

Expensive and beautiful Murano glass.. :)

Had lunch at a cafe near the alleys of San Marco Square and I was ripped off! I ordered a measly sandwich and a coke. I was made to pay a lot more for sitting down. This was my 10 euro lunch. Totally not worth it.

Pretty Venetian Masks..

Gelatto! A bit of heaven for 1.50 euros..

The Rialto bridge..

There are plenty of shops on this bridge. The thing about Italian shops is they have their own hour of operation. Around noon to 2pm or 4pm, they’re mostly closed for a midday break even if they just barely opened for a couple of hours.

I also noticed that they have really cool eye glass shops in Italy.

I really enjoyed my time in Venice. I wish you could see it yourself. It’s such a beautiful place. Every corner you turn is art. It’s not intimidating for solo travelers. I walked around all by myself the whole time and felt completely safe. I went grocery shopping just like the locals after being ripped off. Haha. I even got lost and this nice old lady took me to the nearest direction to the Rialto even though we didn’t understand each other. All I could tell her was Grazie (which is Thank you in Italian).

On my way to the train station, I allotted myself an hour and a half for my journey so I won’t be late. I spent about 30 minutes checking out and walking all the way to the Vaporetto stop. The problem is I took the water bus going the wrong way. I only realized it after about 20 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes to go to the train station. I didn’t make it, I was late by 5 minutes. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise since I had the chance to see Venice on water without taking the expensive Gondola. I got to rebook my ticket without any additional fees. I just took the next available train. :)