We purchased our Genting tickets the day before. We got the Go Genting package for RM 47 per person where you get round trip bus tickets + round trip cable car rides + lunch buffet or outdoor theme park ticket. You have to specify what time you would like to go and leave. We wanted to leave earlier than scheduled so we just had to wait if there were available seats on the earlier bus so they’re pretty flexible. :)


The ride for me, was scary and foggy..

You see the casino immediately so we had to make our way to the outdoor theme park to check it out but it was really foggy and cold and it was raining..

so we decided to just take on the buffet at Coffee Terrace.. Plenty of choices for lunch.

Then, we checked out the indoor theme park. It was free to roam around but if you wanted to get on the rides, you would have to pay for a ticket and they give you one of those paper bracelets.