I was going to start my Europe posts but I realized that I’m not finished with my Malaysia posts yet so I’ll finish those up first. :)

Took the train to Gombak in the morning for MYR 2.40..

Then we took the Teksi to Batu Caves for RM 10.. We chanced upon the only woman teksi driver among the herd of men lined up outside the station. It was cool. :)

There is no fee to enter the Batu Caves but be prepared to climb a lot of stairs and step on pigeon poop. Haha. Tip: Do not wear a skirt. SMH!

View from the top..

After the Batu caves, we went outside to catch a teksi (I love how they spell how things are pronounced) to go to Central market. We agreed on RM 20. The driver was insisting we visit the chocolate factory or a silver factory but we refused and he was nice about it.

We had lunch at Central market in one of those stalls where you get what you want buffet style and the cashier will just price it depending on what you got.

This is where we got majority of our souvenirs like key chains and shirts. I got my name written on rice in a dog water pendant thingy for RM 18. I got my fortune told too.. :D

We bought one of those sea coconuts. We were really curious. It tastes like watered down gulaman drink.

The Central market was a really nice and comfortable place to shop. It was clean and organized. The building was air-conditioned. The outdoor shops are nice too. This is what it looks like from the outside..

After that, we walked to chinatown or Jalan Petaling..

Then we took the monorail for RM 1.60 to Bukit Bintang for mall hopping. :)

Time Square Mall..

The Pavilion Mall..

Then we walked our way to dinner at Jalan Alor for RM 9 a person.