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KLCC Suria is probably one of my favorite malls in Kuala Lumpur. It is accessible by LRT and has its own stop. It is more of an upscale mall with designer stores like Burberry, Louis Vuitton (coming soon), and the like but it is not intimidating. There are still plenty of other stores you can go to if you can’t afford the Burberry price range. I think we went to this mall three times during our stay. :P

Here’s the LRT stop at KLCC

You just exit and follow the crowd and you will realize that you’re inside the mall already when you see the bakeries and cafes.

This was taken outside one of the exits right by the fountain.

The center of the mall with the big Christmas trees..

The Nike Store had this people as mannequins kind of display..

The Candylicious store..

It had a lot of nice shops and stores. We bought a lot of things here. There’s this sport equipment/clothing store on one of the top floors by Kinokuniya Bookstore that sells discounted goods. I bought my brother basketball shoes that were 50% off. I got a backpack. My friends bought Ipanema slippers that were also 50% off. From the Billabong store, I got shorts that were on 70% off. I bought shoes at Vinci too. Haha.

They have lots of places to eat that are scattered around. If you want restaurants, they’re mostly on the 4th floor. We’re always on the food court though. Haha. The stores are nicely sectioned off too like Child/Children’s store are at one side. I noticed that the surf stores are also all next to each other on one floor.

The KLCC Suria has a lot of foot traffic probably because the Petronas Towers are next to it. You just exit the mall and walk a bit, you’ll be in front of the Petronas Towers ready to take pictures alongside many foreigners. :D

It’s really pretty at night.

The towers are very photogenic. :)

Unfortunately, the Towers were under renovation at the time of our visit. They open again a week after we left. I think they only give out a number of tickets for access to the bridge so you have to be there early.