I called up a college friend and we decided to meet at Itaewon. Her friend, whom we had dinner with lived close by at the Military base so we decided on Itaewon. She goes off work at around 5pm. We decided to meet up at around 630 or 7pm but we were there early so we killed time walking around the area which had a lot of shops for bigger people. You can feel the American presence in the shops and stores. We got tired walking so we decided to rest at one of my favorite bakeshops in Korea – Paris Baguette.

We ordered this caramel covered bread stick, mung bean donut and a ham and cheese croissant.

After I met up with my friend, we started walking around the back streets where there are a ton of different restaurants like Turkish, Brazilian, American. So many different types of cuisine.

We decided on the Flying Pan for Dinner..

A lot more than our usual budget meal. :D

The place is cozy and homy..

I ordered the ham and egg in hollandaise sauce. I liked it.

After dinner, my friend took us on a tour at Hooker Hill. Haha. It looked shady but no one really bothered you. Maybe we were early because the joints looked empty at 9pm.

We went into this bar and we actually got kicked out since only one person ordered a drink. We just ate, we really can’t decide if we would want a drink right there and then but the wait staff was arguing that they’re full and they need our seats for other customers that are willing to order. My friend wouldn’t take any of that. Haha. She was feisty and was on battle ready mode until this nicer waiter explained it better than the girl who wanted to kick us out. My friend still asked for the manager but we still got kicked out. It was a funny experience. Her friend was saying that it was his first time getting kicked out of a bar without drinking an ounce of alcohol. Too funny.