You can go to Ehwa Women’s University through the Seoul Metro subway Line 2 and take exit Ehwa Women’s University. You would see directions which way it is or just follow the crowd. :)

It’s a huge campus..

It had nice restaurants and boutiques in the surrounding area. Too bad we didn’t get to explore it as we were already behind our schedule on our last day. :(

So off we go, back to the subway to go to the Han River. I think we took subway line 5 to Yeouinaru Station but took the wrong exit since we had to walk a long way before reaching the river and then we see a subway exit just right by it. Oh well. We got to see the MBC building on our way.

We finally reach the Hangang river and we see nice artistic shades for the benches and office workers taking their lunch to eat there.

Nice view..

The 63 Building from afar..

People in their bikes.. It was such a nice and relaxing place.

If I lived in Seoul, this would probably the place where I would go for jogging/running or just long walks. :D