I was choosing between going to Lotte World or Everland and decided on Lotte World because it’s more accessible. We decided to go at 4pm so we can get the discount. Wrong Move. There is a discount for foreigners (I think). The lady at the counter just offered it to me without asking for it. We got 30% off if I remember it right. The regular price is 38,000 won for the special pass which gets you in everything except for the ice rink. It’s discounted at 31,000 won after 4pm. The regular admission is priced at 26,000 won. It’s 22,000 won after 4pm and 15,500 after 7pm. I don’t know why you’d want to go at 7pm. The park closes at 9pm.

They had the Halloween theme going on at that time.

Lotte World is divided into two – the indoor park and the outdoor park. This is the indoor park with the big glass dome.

The Park Guide with the Halloween theme.

They had this ride where you get in one of the air balloon and you can look over the park because they’re so high up. I think it would be a fun ride for couples.. wink, wink.

The infamous carousel from the korean drama – Stairway to Heaven.

Time to go outdoors..

My cousin rode the Waikiki wave.

We lined up for the Ghost House and it was SO lame! It was a 3D movie of a cat going into a haunted house. What an utter waste of time.

Took a photo of the Gyro Drop while waiting in line for the Ghost House. It was scarier to watch them drop from below actually because it seems like the whole thing will fall on you.

And what would a theme park be without a good old parade?


A Performance at the Garden Stage.

Our night at Lotte World ended with a laser show. :)

Lotte World was fun. I’m not the kind of person who would go crazy bout theme park rides. I probably only went on 4 rides and 2 of them were 3D ones but I really enjoyed our time.