We went to Dongdaemun very late in the afternoon since according to my research, it’s alive at night. If you walk along the Cheongyecheon stream, you could choose the exits to Jongno, Insadong or Dongdaemun. We even saw a performance at the Chonggyecheon Stream.

This is a clothing market across the chonggyecheon stream.

In Dongdaemun, there are plenty of malls with individual stalls inside much like the Platinum Mall in Bangkok. We found good deals for fall and summer-ish clothes that were on sale since it’s almost winter. I live in the Philippines where it’s always summer and occasional cold weather during Christmas time so it was perfect for me. We bought a few light sweaters and clothes for 5,000 won a piece. There are a lot of pretty clothes around.

They were having a World Costume fashion show in front of one of the malls.

I wish I took more pictures but I was busy shopping. :P