Nami Island or Namiseom is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, South Korea. It’s about an hour away by bus from Seoul. It is popularized by the very popular drama Winter Sonata. I asked the guy at our hostel on how to purchase the Nami Island tickets and he graciously offered to buy it for us using his card and we’ll just pay him cash. He went online and found that there weren’t any available seats the following day so we settled for the day after. He printed out our ticket and that’s what we showed to the bus driver. You can also buy the ticket from across the street where the bus is parked but I would not recommend this. They can get full and there’s only one trip a day. I found the bus information on the internet in English which I posted below.

It has everything on it pretty much. The only problem we had once we exited the subway, we couldn’t find Tagpol Park in Insadong and it can be very frustrating. We tried asking around but no one spoke English. :( We somehow managed to find it. It’s a good thing we allotted an hour in our schedule to find it or we could have missed our bus.

You can also get there by subway which can get complicated with the transfers. By Subway: Go to Sangbong Station. Take Line 7 to Gyeongchun Line. Sangbong -> Gapyeong Station. 5:10 – 23:00. Gapyeong Station -> Sangbong 5:32 – 23:27. Cost: KRW 1800. Gapyeong Station to Gapyeong Wharf. 25 minutes to walk. 5 minutes by bus or Taxi. Taxi is KRW3000.
Nami Island Admission for Foreigners: KRW8000.

They’re supposedly a republic so they have their own immigration but don’t fret, you don’t need to take out your passport. You’ll only need your tickets.

We took the ferry to the island and it’s included in the ticket price. You can also zip your way into the island which will cost you 38,000 won but I heard it was fun.

The Nami Maid.

They even have their own bank. :D

The ostriches that roam around the island..

I highly recommend renting a bike to go around the island. I think the bike rental was 5000 won for an hour and 10,000 won for 2 hours or was it 7,000 won? I can’t remember. :D

The statue of Bae Yoong Joon and Choi Ji Woo.

Places to eat are more expensive than usual for cheapskates like us but we managed to find an affordable albeit spartan lunch place. We saw a convenient store after we ate. We could have just bought instant noodles since that was cheaper. Anyway, this was the menu for our lunch.

Limited – yes. We got an order of kimchi rice and the pancake. They gave us rubber gloves too. We were wondering what those were for until we saw other people use it to shake the rice after we’ve already started eating. Haha.

The island is really gorgeious in fall. We even spotted a group doing a photo shoot. It was really nice to bike around and enjoy the cool air.

I got cartoonized for 10,000 won! :D And I’m probably the only person doing it solo, they’re mostly couples.

He was pretty good.

We caught the ferry back earlier, at about 3 pm and loitered around the shops on the other side until our bus left at 4pm. We slept all the way back, we didn’t even care about the view. :D