One of my the things on my to do list in Korea was to go to a Karaoke place. I know they had a lot of them in Hongdae but we didn’t know how to find one since they’re sign are apparently in Korean. No wonder we didn’t see one. We had dinner at a restaurant and we asked one of the waiters who spoke English how we can spot a Noraebang. So, he wrote the word Noraebang in Korean for us on a piece of paper. Thank you smart Korean guy that works at that place! :D

We spotted a few but we passed by the ones that looked dodgy. We went to one of the nice expensive looking noraebang and he told us that it was 50,000 won for an hour. We were like, no way – that’s super expensive. So, we walked around for a bit and found one for 15,000 won an hour. It was not the nicest place. It seemed like it was past its prime but as long as we can sing, we were all for it. So we paid our 15,000 won and we were told to go to room number 12.

We had four TVs. I think the other ones can show you the current TV shows or sports that you might not want to miss while singing. We had a couple of wired mics too.

They had a book full of English songs. My cousin and I took turn singing and figuring out the remote control, how to reserve and play songs. With only 15 minutes left, I only realized that they had newer songs! We were so excited. We got to sing Super Bass, Moves like Jagger, the Adele songs – Rolling in the Deep and the like.

I must say that it was 15,000 won well spent.

I think there are better Noraebang places around this area. On our last night, we saw this nice place that only charges 20,000 won per hour and during the non-peak hours, it only charges 10,000 won. It’s where some of the Korean drama videoke scenes are shot like in the Kim Sam Soon drama. It’s really close to that nice wavy building. I googled and this is the info I found. It’s called the Prince Edward Su Noraebang (Hongdae location). The address is 364-24 Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu (near Hongik subway station) / +82 2 336 2332. Maybe, we’ll try that next time. :)