I really liked the drama Coffee Prince and I constantly see it on the itineraries of people who go to Korea. They always note that it is hard to find and it was!

If you’ve seen the drama, you’d be very familiar with this cafe. They shot a lot of the scenes in here. They even have a lot of Yoon Eun Hye’s artwork all over the cafe. I’ve read on one of the blogs that they require every guest to purchase at least one drink since there are probably lots of fans just going in and taking pictures – disrupting the real customers. Anyway, they’re pricing is a little bit higher than the ordinary tea or coffee. They only had two female attendants at the time. The princes are nowhere to be found so don’t expect that. The upstairs was also blocked by a sign that it’s not accessible at the time.

The cafe is not as pretty as the other cafes in the area..

This is the Peach Iced Tea I got priced at 6,500 won. It was good to be fair but I think it was very expensive for what it was.

The infamous flower artwork of Yooun Eun Hye.

What it looks like from outside..

Unless you really really love the drama and want to check this place out, don’t go. There are a thousand and one cafes that are better than this and that are not as overpriced especially in the Hongdae area. And the bathroom was ugly and dirty.