I’ve always liked Korean fashion and I think that they are very liberal with their hairstyles. A Korean Pop group would change hairstyles every other month or every performance. They are usually very daring with color and cut. I’ve been going to a local Korean salon chain which is called Tony and Jackey. I’ve had two haircuts and a perm. I’ve always liked the result so I thought it was a good opportunity to get a haircut in Seoul so I searched the net and found various posts on this salon called Hair and Joy because they do cater to foreign clients. The stylists could speak English. I just googled them and didn’t know that they have a website. :D

We were already in the Hongdae area and it was a bit hard to find at first. This was the direction I found on the internet:

Take exit 8 from Hongik University Station
(located on both subway line 2 and the new AREX Airport Express Line).

Cross the street, turn right and walk to the intersection.
Turn left. On your left is the colorful Lotte Cinema.
We are located on the right side of the street.
Follow the pink “HAIR & JOY” sign to the 3rd floor.

For more info, call Johnny
Mobile: 010-5586.0243
Phone: 02-363.4253

This is what it looks like from the outside.. but the entrance is on the other side. We made a mistake of going into the cafe and going up the second floor. We had to ask where it was and they told us they had a different entrance. :)

I went in on a Tuesday at around 4pm. There weren’t a lot of people yet. I saw only one American lady getting a cut. This is what their front desk area looks like.

They had me sit at the sitting area while they were probably figuring out who would do my hair. It was pretty cool. It had lots of magazines and a computer area.

I was only sitting for 2 minutes before they ushered me into the washing area. They shampooed my hair. Got my bag and jacket to be put in the locker. Then the stylist started to do her work. She asked what I wanted. I said I wanted layers and bangs. She asked if I wanted it side swept or strait. I asked her what she would recommend and we went with side swept. I told her I wanted to keep the length and she told me that we should cut at least an inch because it’s already dry and I agreed. She applied something to my hair to untangle it, then she proceeded to cut it. Then she blow dried my curly hair. It looked weird after that. Then the magic happened. She styled my hair. She curled it with a straightening iron. It was so nice! I wish I could make her magically appear whenever I need my hair styled. Haha. Afterwards, I paid for it at the counter. It was 30,000won for a wash, cut and styling or approximately 1,200 pesos which isn’t bad. A little expensive but I know I paid for the experience more than anything which I don’t regret. This is my hair after..

I really really like it. :)