So, we’ve been seeing these around Seoul. We passed by one when we were loitering around Hongdae and I decided we should try one.

The girl managing the place didn’t speak a lot of English but we managed to communicate and I don’t know how.

Anyway, a photo sticker place would have a few booths you can choose from varying in design and price. We chose to go into the 7,000 won one. You put in the money inside the machine. If you don’t have the exact amount, the attendant can change it for you.

The booths are huge! The screen directions are in Korean.. I think but you’ll figure it out. :D You can get props too like headbands, hats or whatever they have that you feel like putting on for the pictures.

After taking pictures, it’s time to edit them. It took us a while since we didn’t understand a thing. The attendant might have notice this and taught us a thing or two. I really don’t know how we communicated but we did. :D

It turns out that they laminate the pictures after they get printed out.. You get to choose if you want it glossy or matte.

That was really fun. The picture turned out good. We looked so pretty! Haha. Definitely worth my 7,000 won and I will do it again! and again! :D