One day, this guy I know from college who is currently teaching English in Korea posted a few cool pictures on Facebook of this museum and I was like.. That is so cool! I’m gonna go there someday.

The Trick Art Museum is located in Hongdae, a few steps from the Hello Kitty Cafe. We asked the attendant and she pointed at the brown building across the street. This is the information about the museum I got on a website when I was researching the place. It includes directions. Admission is 12,000 won or about 450 pesos.

It has a lot of photo opportunities but I won’t show mine.. Haha.

The actual museum is at a basement so you have to go down a flight of stairs. This is what you see as you enter the place. You can pose right at the end of the can and pretend you’re opening the pocari sweat can. ;)

A very creative robot thingy..

The mini Santorini Bell Tower with plenty of post-its..

This is the cafe in front of the entrance and right after exit. There is free wifi. :)

It was really cool to take pictures inside. It could also be a bit tiring. They have a couple of attendants that can take your pictures but they’re not there all the time.

There was this Magic Mirror Room at the end of the museum..

It was basically you bumping into your reflection and it was like finding your way in the dark. We even went back to the entrance, we thought that was also the exit. Hahaha. We were wrong so we tried it again the second time.

There was also a cat museum..