Hongdae is probably my favorite place in Seoul because it’s young and artsy. So many cute cafes and restaurants around. The clubs are also nice and different. My college friend took us to some unique clubs which didn’t have any people in them yet since we were so early checking them out at 9pm. They were still empty. :D

The Hello Kitty Cafe was kind of hard to find at first. We took the Green Line 2 to Hongik University Station.The Directions from one website said to go to Exit 5 and walk towards the Hongik Univ. Station Intersection. You’ll see the Chunggiwa Gas Station with its unique Korean architectural roof on the opposite corner. You want to turn left at this main intersection. Walk three streets until you see a Tony Moly Skin Care and go right on that street. Then follow the directions above and look for the graffiti cat. Of course we didn’t do this and I think we went to exit 4 and got lost from there. Well, the good thing is I printed a map and we asked for directions. :)

And here it is..

This is what it looks like inside..

The Hello Kitty goodies..

They told us we need to be seated first before we can order.

We checked the upstairs too and the toilet. :)

After we settled into our table, I went and placed our orders and we were given our beeper thingy. The prices were good. Not as expensive as I was expecting.

I got a caramel waffle which was yum..

My cousin got the cheesecake brownie which she didn’t like.

That was our afternoon snack. Goodbye Kitty! Til next time. :)