Insadong is the “arts and antique” area of Seoul. It can be accessed through subway Line 3 (orange) – Angguk station. You must remember this place if you’re taking the express bus to Nami Island since the meeting place for the bus is next to Tagpol Park in Insadong.

From Cheonggyecheon walking towards Insadong, we saw these random things like a really nice public restroom..

Sun Dial which can also be a public sitting area..

I bought this bread with an egg cooked in it for 1,200 won. My cousin didn’t like it but I liked it.

We finally reach Insadong and the first thing we see is food.. These ajummas were cutting rice cakes and they were giving away the ends as samples. :D I didn’t like it. Good thing they had samples or I would have bought a few and regretted it.

They also had a display of their rice flour or batter..

There was also this stall selling traditional wooden toys and was sampling tops..

I think there are a lot of bargains to be had in Insadong. This is the place where we bought most of our stuff from. I got a cute hello kitty ribbon ring, a 1,000 won notebook, a couple of bookmarks, a couple of necklace and a lot of Etude items because they were on sale and we learned at the counter that the sale does not apply to us but since the shop girl was so nice, we decided to still keep our purchases. :)

More food..

I love Ssamziegil! It’s such a vibrant and lovely place with quirky shops. I bought a couple of necklaces here, one for me and one for my Mom. I just wish I had more money to burn. ;-)

An uglydoll store..

Another view from the third floor..

After walking for a while, we decided to stop and sit on the side. We also checked our email and facebook since it’s Seoul, there was wifi. :D We just watched the people pass by before heading home.