Took our first subway ride. Not as confusing or as scary as I was expecting based on what I read on the internet. It’s a lot like Beijing and Hong Kong’s metro – only it has a lot more subway lines. :D You transfer most of the time and your feet won’t be glad. Their subway is very clean and efficient. About 80 percent of the people where on their phone or Iphone minding their business. You get occasional stares by the older crowd. Anyway, the Myeongdong Station is on Seoul Subway Line 4 (blue line) Exit 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Myeongdong was busy, busy, busy and crowded. Not always a bad thing. It’s full of energy.

The shop ladies in Myeongdong are very generous in giving out samples as long as you go in their stores, that’s if you’d like to accumulate a lot of cotton. That’s the usual. There’s the occasional mask but it’s rare.

We had fishcake on a stick.. I liked it.



making octopus snacks..

Namsan Tower view from the streets of Myeongdong..

After our hiking fiasco, we headed back to Myeongdong for dinner for some Samgyeopsal. It was kinda expensive. You have to get two orders as minimum for 10,000 won each and rice is 2,000 won a pop.

20,000 won for this much meat is expensive, at least for me.. It was okay too. Not extraordinary. We paid for the experience. :D